No Contractual Subscription

A subscription based website is a periodic use or access to a website by a customer for which, he has to pay a subscription price.

The subscription period may be the month or year or seasonal. Subscription based website is just like recurring access of the website. Once the customer make use the access of the website for the period of subscription, he can either resubscribe or unsubscribe depending on his wish after his first subscription period overs.

Renewal of a subscription may be periodic and activated automatically.

Here are some of the benefits of owning a subscription based website

  • You get paid on recurring basis
  • you build a community that helps to increase referrals organically
  • You foster loyalty and become an expert in you area

A pay wall is a system that prevents internet users from accessing web page content without a paid subscription. Subscription based website is just to funnel the people into a paid community program. The idea is o educate your prospects; blow them away with the quality of your free information, leaving them eager to sign up for your paid service. If your free stuff is that good, imagine how good the paid content must be, that is pretty compelling proposition to sign up for subscription