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On Demand Vulnerability Scanning

On Demand Vulnerability Scanning is one of our far-flung security service to identify and minimize your risks. This service asses the vulnerabilities and increases the assess security. This protects your site against attacks. On demand vulnerability scanning minimizes the security glitch in your mission. On demand vulnerability scanning discovers the possible vulnerabilities in your environment.

Our on demand vulnerability scanning services Protects your environment from the attackers by its service flexibility, scanning scope, security consultation & Remediation advice and vulnerability correlation.

All the company, which has any type of remote access or internally hosted web presence should undergo a regular network vulnerability scanning. It is not only a best practice, but also a standard of due care that all business should consider in terms of liability that they assume when they store customer related data in any electronic format.

Companies need to check whether their current solution offer the needed level of security to meet industry standards and ensure that their solution has no security flaws or vulnerabilities and that sufficient efforts have been taken to obtain the desired level of security and quality of service. As a prominent service provider, it is our responsibility to help our customers underrate security risks. On demand vulnerabilities scanning is designed specially for theis purpose which scans for possible vulnerabilities and verifies whether your current security system meets your desired level of security. As your network and application environment changes, it may allow connections for 3rd party vendors and business partners, so it is important that testing for potential vulnerabilities is done regularly, so that new pathways do not open up for potential attackers. Exposing the company to potential attackers makes it to lose confidential data, violating regulatory compliance. Externally based network attacks are designed to mislead the company's defensive countermeasures such as firewalls and detection of intrusion. Nevertheless, before such exploits can be launched, the attacker must first explore the network for devices, protocols and configurations that will yield information that an attacker can use to design a successful attack. Vulnerability scanning and intrusion testing will help identify where and how an attacker might be able to gain critical information about your network that would help them attempt to penetrate external defenses. On demand vulnerability scanning has the unique capability to correlate vulnerability scan data as part of the risk analysis that is performed in real-time as security events are received and evaluate from other network sources including security log events from vulnerable hosts, servers, network devices, applications, databases, and other systems. We can enrich the risk correlation that is computed utilizing vulnerability scan data which will improve accuracy, improve threat responsiveness and threat identification, and enhance overall situational awareness of the attackers and impact from security incidents.

Regulatory Standards /Compliance

The internet has been a universal phenomenon, unique in the records of recent human history. Freed and unrestricted, “network of networks” has changed the world. Even now, the internet is still in its babyhood. It continues to evolve and move in unexpected directions.

Much of the credit for this success is attributable to the firm, strong and sound management provided by a handful of private-sector stakeholder organizations that oversee key components of the Internet ecosystem. Collectively, the Internet Engineering Task Force, the World Wide Web Consortium and other organizations’ “governance” of the Internet has produced a stable, predictable, seamless environment, which has helped facilitate continuing innovation and investment .This, in turn, has spread economic benefits around the globe to developed and developing economies alike.

Regulatory risks and ambiguity pose are the greatest challenges to the ability of the company to succeed in the worldwide finance. Historic costs associated with taxes on imports have been far exceeded by those resulting from Non Tariff barriers. As they continue to escalate around the world, NTBs recurrently take the form of exclusive and very wearying technical standards and regulations that must be faced before a product makes it to the market place. These obstacles and hurdles have an powerful impact on the information and communication technology industry of india, where the fast evolution of technologies slows down in getting products to market a critical affair.

Requirements such as redundant testing and certification can drive up the costs for the companies and consumers alike. They limit the choice and prevent the updated innovations from reaching those markets where NTBs are. As a result, countries that establish NTBs whether accidentally or as protectionist policy, may control their own access to the latest technological innovations and hurts their ability to compete globally.

In order to boost international compliance of technical requirements, The information and technology industry has worked closely with government groups and formal standards-setting bodies to develop globally recognized standards in a variety of severe areas, such as product safety and electromagnetic interface issues. Even all government that regulates information and technology have adopted these standards, resulting in a global alignment that has greatly promoted the trade. However, the growing procreation of unique regulatory compliance requirements has begun to equalize the benefits of these shared regulatory frame work to guide and shelter sprouting industries.

We are energetically engaged in untangling potential nontarrif barriers in markets both in India and around the world. These networks, together with the guidance of industry's leading worldwide regulatory policy experts and technical experts, provide the necessary tools for industries to achieve its global objectives.

Working with international standards development community and with regulators directly, our company helps its members to sail the growing patchwork of rules and regulations that threaten to fragment worldwide markets. Our company advocates for technical standards and regulatory policies that allow government to meet their regulatory objectives, while minimizing the impact on trade. Our work on these issues helps to open innovation and competition among businesses and ensure that the benefits of our company reach global consumers in the most efficient way.

Completely Web Enabled

Completely web enabled is that anyone can access the service from any web enabled device, no matter where they are. The ideology of designing a completely web enabled system is not only to take advantage of current internet technologies but also to make ourselves ready to face the future with concepts such as cloud computing.

A fully integrated web enabled package reduces the training time for end user. There is no need to learn two or three software tools but using integrated application all the tasks can be completed from a web browser.

Any one in your company along with your customers, can access your completely web enabled system from any web enabled device.

Days of PC are getting counted since data is now accessed by all kinds of devices running all kinds of operating systems. Completely web enabled application runs in an internet browser. It keeps your staff and your customers connected wherever they are and with whatever device they use. Nowadays, devices located anywhere can access your data. Security of the data is superior. Our security system provides both the highest level of security and easiest administration. In completely web enabled system, we keep track of system accessed by whom, when and what they did.

Fully Automated Solutions

Fully automated solutions are used for extremely fast projects.

These applications diminish the labour requirements, fork over high levels of implementation and firmness, and ensure validation throughout the yielding process.

We use the technologies and best practice models from a different sort of sources to create fully robust packages for clients. We offer full support services, including thorough consultation and design, online diagnostics and remote fault finding services for extra serenity.

Competitive cost, quality and delivery are essential to your success and fame in business.

Meeting these disputes and protests separates the best from the rest, so your business depends on front line innovation to get your products to market as quickly and conveniently as possible.

our team really works to find solution for you. Whether you have the an idea or an exact sketch, we have the technical readiness and experience to move your product forward.

Our core strength is the ability to deliver automation and special purpose supplies with the highest rate of return on assets and investments.

we fully understand the needs of mass production and will aim to find the automated solution which suits you, despite of size, fiscal estimate or marketplace.

From initial concept through to final delivery, we offer fully automated solution under one roof, from designer, technical knowledge project management, to production skills.

We keep you fully renovated on progress all the way, working to pre–agreed target periods and detailed pay–off specifications, to ensure you stay in control every step of the way. This approach has already enabled us to build longstanding working relationships with many leading companies.

Turning technical novelty into reality can only be achieved through involvement and experience. We have assembled marvelous skills together, ready to make high accuracy solutions for all your fully automated system needs.

Our experts, work together with you to guarantee that key requirements are met and all the process involved are fully automated.

Powerful Online Reporting

Report creation and report sharing is made easy with our Powerful online reporting. You can create insightful reports over your business data quickly and easily without any one's help. You can import data from any source. It may be database, Oracle, MySQL, Microsoft SQL server, Microsoft Access or flat files like CSV, XLS and HTML. You can develop and share reports with your business colleagues and workmate.

  • Secure upload of spreadsheets and tabular data
  • Push data from hosted or traditional business application and databases, behind firewall for reporting and analysis
  • Usage of variety of charts, Pivot tables, dashboard components and tabular view are made possible in our powerful online reports.
  • Powerful data modeling to optimally organize your reports.
  • Collaborative analysis of datas with your teammates and colleagues is made possible.
  • For broader consumption of data, you can embed your reports across, websites, intranet and blogs
  • Extensibility of this tool allows the reports to interact with your other business.

You can make use of the powerful online reporting feature to grow up your business to its zenith.

Subscription Based Website

A subscription based website is a periodic use or access to a website by a customer for which, he has to pay a subscription price.

The subscription period may be the month or year or seasonal.

Subscription based website is just like recurring access of the website. Once the customer make use the access of the website for the period of subscription, he can either resubscribe or unsubscribe depending on his wish after his first subscription period overs.

Renewal of a subscription may be periodic and activated automatically.

Here are some of the benefits of owning a subscription based website

  • You get paid on recurring basis
  • you build a community that helps to increase referrals organically
  • You foster loyalty and become an expert in you area

The idea behind this subscription based website is to provide content for free, but restrict access to premium features to paying subscribers. The subscriber only content is said to be behind a pay wall.

A pay wall is a system that prevents internet users from accessing web page content without a paid subscription.

Subscription based website is just to funnel the people into a paid community program. The idea is o educate your prospects; blow them away with the quality of your free information, leaving them eager to sign up for your paid service. If your free stuff is that good, imagine how good the paid content must be, that is pretty compelling proposition to sign up for subscription